Swap This: Snacks

At Fresh Fit Foods, we’re big supporters of snacks. A lot of fad diets prohibit snacking, but that does more damage than good! We need to keep our bodies properly fuelled throughout the day, and healthy snacks are the perfect way to get from meal to meal. Snacks shouldn’t be something unhealthy and lacking nutrients (like chips or candy), but something to help add more nutrients.

Swap your…

Ranch dressing and veggies for hummus and veggies

  • Ranch dressing has become a staple in most refrigerators, but it is incredibly fatty and full of calories. Instead, dip your carrots, broccoli, and peppers in hummus. You’ll get great taste, but with less fat and more protein.

Granola bars for Simply Protein bars or a homemade muffin

  • Granola bars can be just as bad as chocolate bars in terms of calories, sugar, and fat. If you need a quick, on-the-go snack, reach for a Simply Protein bar (which can be found at the Fresh Fit Foods retail store in Glenora). They’re sweet, while being low in sugar and high in protein. Or make your own healthy muffins with oats and sweetened with apple sauce!

Chips for vegetable chips or air-popped popcorn

  • To satisfy a craving for something salty and crunchy, skip the chips and choose air-popped popcorn (be sure to avoid microwaveable popcorn due to unhealthy fats and high sodium). Or try your hand at making your own veggie chips to amp up the nutritional value of your snack!

White crackers for rice crackers

  • Plain, white crackers are made with refined grains, making them high on the glycemic index. Rice crackers are lower in fat and are just as satisfying when paired with hummus or a touch of cheese.

Peanut butter for natural peanut/almond butter

  • Peanut butter is the perfect topping for fruits and whole grain toast. Unfortunately, many store bought varieties have far too much added sugar. To still get your peanut butter fix, try a natural blend. Peanut butter has protein, but try almond butter for more calcium and magnesium.


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