Swap This: Drinks

At Fresh Fit Foods, we often put drinks into the “non-food” category, as many drinks offer little to no nutritional value. At the same time, these drinks can be loaded with sugar and fat. However, drinks can be a great way to get in missing nutrients throughout the day and ensure you are staying hydrated.

Swap your…

Fruit juice for iced herbal tea

  • Fruit juice can be misleading. It might seem like you’re getting all the vitamins from fruit, but these can be lost during the pasteurization process, and a lot of juices (like apple and orange) have a whopping amount of added sugar. To get the same refreshing sweetness, brew a double-strength batch of your favourite fruity herbal tea, and serve over ice! It’s low in calories and sugar while still tasting great and hydrating.

Latte for black coffee

  • Grabbing your morning latte from the nearest coffee shop might be a daily ritual, but all those sugary drinks can add up! Try making the switch to plain black coffee. You’ll cut down on calories and fat by eliminating the sugar and milk. It’ll also cost you way less!

Chocolate milk for a chocolate protein shake

  • If you’ve got a craving for chocolate, you may as well get some protein in! Double down on the nutrients by blending a scoop of a chocolate protein powder, your favourite milk (dairy, soy, almond), and some ice! To really amp up the nutritional value, add some spinach and a frozen banana.

Milkshake for a protein smoothie

  • Smoothies are incredibly versatile and an easy way to get more fruits and veggies into your diet. The next time you’re craving a milkshake, make your own using your favourite protein powder, ice, a liquid like milk or water, and some delicious fruits and veggies! We love to use strawberries, bananas, kale, and avocado.

Soda for sparkling water

  • Soda definitely falls into our “non-food” category, as it contains very high amounts of sugar. If you feel the need to sip on something at a party, sports game, or movie theater, reach for sparkling water instead. You’ll get all the fizziness without the calories.

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