5 Reasons Fresh Fit Foods is an Essential Part of Your Diet.

Fresh Fit Foods is not your average health food store. We're all about providing you with delicious, healthy meals in an easy way. Just in case you needed a little bit more convincing, here's 5 reasons why Fresh Fit Foods is the right place for you to start losing weight and feeling great.


1. The Right Ingredients

When we started Fresh Fit Foods, we knew one thing was sure. Our food wasn't going to be bland. We did our homework and carefully crafted our meals to contain specific ingredients that are good for your body and keep you full all day. We have lean proteins (chicken, turkey, fish, egg whites), high antioxidants (berries, grapes, broccoli, onions), low-glycemic index carbohydrates (quinoa, brown rice, oats, veggies) and heart-healthy fats (almonds, pecans, olive oil).


2. Convenience, Convenience, Convenience

It's hard to stick to a diet plan when the unhealthy options are way more convenient. Unfortunately, that's how the world operates. Cheap, unhealthy, food full of chemicals is waiting to tempt you at every turn. Our meals are made fresh daily and transported to our retail location regularly. Even if you're not participating in our 21 Day Challenge, you can pick up a few meals for the week and store them in your fridge, ensuring you'll eat well all week long! Participants in our 21 Day Challenge can choose to pick up their meals from one of our coolers, located in any of our 10 World Health locations across Edmonton and surrounding areas.


3. Portion Control

We have two sizes of meals that are perfectly portioned to keep you full throughout the day. We designed our 21 Day Challenge to have 3 meals and 2 snacks daily, which helps you avoid nasty cravings. Eating smaller portioned meals will help keep your blood sugar levels normal and stop you from "crashing" midday.


4. Work It Out

Getting into a routine of eating the right meals has a positive effect on energy levels. Eating right is only part of the battle - if you're looking to really make a lifestyle change, regular exercise is the way to make it happen. Whether it's visiting a World Health gym, jogging in the mornings, or participating in sports, a little activity goes a long way. Don't be surprised if your sleep schedule becomes more regular as well!


5. Delicious Meals

Not everyone comes to Fresh Fit Foods to lose weight. We're a busy person's alternative to fast food. Why hit the drive-thru for a soggy, processed cheeseburger, when you could stop by the store for some spaghetti bolognese? In a rush in the morning? Grab a tasty granola parfait, which is packed with protein! Not only are our meals super healthy, they're delicious. We have lots of students and business professionals picking up lunches for the week, simply because they're tasty and convenient.


Still not convinced? Come down to the Fresh Fit Foods retail store in Glenora and try it for yourself!


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