The Problem with Diets

It’s the four-letter word we all hate: Diet. A lot of people talk about going on one, but in reality, they don’t really work. Sure, you’ll lose pounds on the scale, but a high percentage of people gain those pounds back, or even more.

One of the worst parts of dieting is the food. Based on the extravagant TV commercials for diet programs, you would think the food would taste amazing. Lots of people are let down once they receive their meals.

There are typically three kinds of diets:

  • Diets with freeze-dried food. It’s bad enough you’re depriving yourself, but you’re expected to eat something that was intended for a fall-out shelter, with a three-year shelf life.
  • Diets that tell you what to do and hope you can follow strict instructions. There is little to no wiggle room in these diets.
  • Diets with frozen meals. They may be better than freeze-dried meals, but they’re often bland, greasy, or low quality.

If you’re going to change your eating habits to lose weight, you might as well enjoy the journey. At Fresh Fit Foods, we don’t believe in diets for a quick but temporary change. We believe in a new lifestyle, where you get to eat five times a day. Your food is prepared fresh by our executive chef, right here in Edmonton. By eating breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two snacks, you eat every three hours. That helps regulate your insulin levels and allows your body to stop storing fat between meals. The meals carry a balance of macro and micronutrients (like protein, fat, complex carbs, and fibre) to support a healthy weight loss.

You’ve all heard that scales don’t work. You don’t want to lose weight; you want to lose excess fat. The Fresh Fit Foods plan is designed to help you get healthy, and when paired with exercise, you learn how to shed unwanted pounds and keep it off.


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