21 Day Challenge - Week 1

Ever wonder what it's like to be on the Challenge? Now you can find out! Paulina is blogging weekly about her experiences with the 21 Day Challenge.


My first week on the Challenge has been far from a challenge. It really saves me a lot of time that I would normally waste on worrying about what to have for dinner, going to the store, spending tons of money on groceries for the week, and then having to meal prep it. So far, this Challenge has taught me 3 things that I may have overlooked on my own.

Breakfast is usually eggs and bacon, and most of the time it’s greasy and coated in butter or oil and a boatload of salt. But since I’ve started, I’ve eaten more sweet potatoes and even rice! Let me tell you, all of these breakfasts are amazing – seriously, I feel full until lunch most of the time. There’s way less salt, but you get used to it. It’s not that we NEED salt, it’s that we WANT salt. Not thinking about seasoning my food with salt is amazing. The food is flavorful enough that it doesn’t need it. If you want a little kick, I add hot sauce to some of the meals.

  1. The importance of snacks.

I do mean importance! Having snacks during the day really curbs my sweet tooth. I have a HUGE sweet tooth (if I could get the word “HUGE” to cover the entire page, that’s a visual for you). But having planned snacks keeps me from cheating. There are so many diets that try and steer you away from snacks, while others encourage snacking. I STRONGLY encourage it. Snacking really helps with those mid-day munchies or pre-dinner nibbling. And these snacks have fresh fruits, veggies, a dip/spread of some kind (like egg salad or hummus), and some protein (an egg or some chicken breast). There you go – an easy to eat snack that’s good for the on-the-go kind of people like myself!

  1. Portion control – most importantly the right portion control.

Sometimes you make dinner and think: “is this the right amount of food I should be eating?” and eat it anyways. This is probably the hardest thing to wrap my mind around. I’m so used to making my own portions, but when I started having it all properly prepped for me, I was completely blindsided by the fact that I’d been doing it all wrong. The containers are perfectly sized, so you know you’re eating enough in one meal – not too much or too little. I’ve gotten used to it by the end of week one, but it takes a few days to adjust.

- Paulina

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