21 Day Challenge - Week 2

Week one was about learning portion control and why certain proteins, carbs, and fats are important. This week, I’ve learned that my body no longer craves the sweets or sugar that it used to. I find myself not wanting my favourite things to eat or drink as much. I also almost forget what it’s like to be in a grocery store!

The first thing I’m learning more about is the importance of carbs. There are so many different diets out there that say “ABSOLUTELY NO CARBS” because they’re bad, too filling, or too much food. But have you ever tried this kind of diet before? If you think about how your body felt – did you lose a lot of weight quickly? Did you also feel sluggish and sometimes not mentally aware? That’s because carbs are the only thing that can fuel your brain and your body! There are two kinds of carbs: simple and complex. Simple carbs are mostly white, like bread, pasta, most baked goods, and fruits and non-starchy vegetables. These carbs are digested quicker than complex, and don’t keep you full for long. That doesn’t mean they’re bad though! Fruits and non-starchy vegetables are considered simple carbs. Complex carbs are the opposite, like whole-wheat pasta, oatmeal, brown rice, quinoa, and sweet potatoes. These take longer to digest, making us feel full longer! Meals like the Simple Beef and Simple Chicken have a brown rice and quinoa pilaf that is not only to die for, but also very filling. They kept my energy steady throughout the afternoon so I could have energy for my late afternoon workout.

The second thing I’m finding is that I’m not craving the food I used to eat as much. My habit of eating or thinking of eating has gone down way more this past week. I used to crave steeped tea from Tim Horton’s, which was the only thing that could wake me up in the mornings. Now I look forward to my breakfast and a huge bottle of water! It really makes me feel better when I drive past places I used to stop for breakfast – not that it was a regular occurrence. The food is already in my fridge, ready to eat, which for me, takes out my cravings completely.

The third is how flexible the challenge can be. It’s meant to be convenient to you, but how convenient? Over this past weekend, I went to Kelowna to visit my family, and I brought my meals on the plane with me. That’s right. I brought my meals in my luggage. The flight is only an hour! Although, it’s probably not a good idea to bring perishable food in your luggage when trying to cross the border… However my food made it all safely and still tasted great. The reusable containers were good quality and kept my food safely stored while I was in flight.

My parents made pizza (yes, my favourite thing to eat), and I had my salad. I was still satisfied and full from it without even touching any of the pizza. That’s some good willpower! You can bring the challenge with you on vacation for weekends away, which I strongly recommend. It will really keep you on track; you won’t splurge and fall off the path you’ve laid out for yourself.

Week two was a challenge in itself. The vacation was a spur-of-the-moment decision, but it didn’t catch me off guard because I knew I could take my food with me. It’s flexible and reassured me that I could keep going. It’s sad to think that I only have one more week left, but I’m learning things that will help me in the future!

- Paulina

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