Not All Fat is Bad Fat!

There's a common misconception that "all fats are bad," and justifiably so. There are so many weight loss commercials out there that want to provide you with magic pills to "burn all the fat off your body!" But instead of being afraid of all fats, we should reflect on where we get our sources of fat from, because this makes all the difference!

Did you know that there are naturally occurring trans fatty acids in beef & dairy products, called CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acids)? A lot of research has gone into CLA and its potential health benefits, such as reducing atherosclerosis, enhancing immunity, preventing and treating diabetes, and enhancing bone formation. Keep in mind, you won't get these awesome benefits from eating fries or cookies. This is where the stigma of "bad" trans fatty acids come from and where good fats are unfortunately made into unhealthy ones through industrial processing. But you will get a ton of CLA from drinking milk and eating cottage cheese, beef (grass-fed preferably), or even yogurt! Many of our meals at Fresh Fit Foods contain an assortment of dairy products to help get your day started right. Have you tried our Beef Souvlaki or Mediterranean Skillet with feta cheese? They're amazing! Let’s get healthy together!

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