Launching Fresh Fit Foods

Summer is coming to an end. A lot of people hate this time of year, but we personally love it. September is a time for change! Starting with the color of the leaves and ending in our daily regimes, change is in the air.


We originally planned for an optimistic August opening. As the date drew closer, we realized it wasn’t feasible. We wanted this opening to be perfect, down to the last detail, specifically in our website development. Up until this point, we had totally taken for granted how much time and effort goes into planning and designing a flawless website. We now have infinite respect for those who do that for a living.


The opening date was rescheduled for September because we wanted a truly user-friendly and beautiful website interface. After testing multiple designs, we came across this minimalist style that we couldn’t ignore. From that moment on, our team of writers, graphic designers, and marketing department has been constantly creating, re-creating, editing, and deleting. We began to embrace the change.


As the days become shorter and the nights grow cooler, we know we’re just about ready to launch. September seems to fit us better anyways.

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