Back to School Survival Guide!

Back to School Survival Guide

The leaves start to change, the weather gets a bit chillier, and hordes of university and college students head back to school. Fall is on the way! After a relaxing summer, you might be feeling nervous or unprepared about starting a new semester. We’ve got some easy tips that will make back-to-school a breeze!

Stay Hydrated

When you’re on the go all day, it can be easy to forget about drinking water. We often replace water with coffee, pop, juice, alcohol, or whatever else is convenient during the school year. Most universities, like MacEwan or the University of Alberta, have added water bottle filling stations to most fountains to encourage people to reuse water bottles instead of buying new ones. Take advantage of this and bring along a durable, reusable water bottle. Invest in a leak-proof bottle, so you can throw it in your backpack or locker and not worry about ruining your laptop or notes!

We love these stylish bottles with a core, which can be used to hold ice or fresh fruit and herbs to flavour your water! How cool is that?

Stay Fueled

Bring the right snacks or lunches in a stylish lunchbox that you can keep in your backpack or locker. Microwaves can be hard to find on campus so don’t rely on them. Pack easy, healthy lunches that don’t require heating: fresh veggies and fruit, cheese slices, and hummus! Make sure you throw in an icepack as well, so your food doesn’t spoil.

Choose something stylish - like this insulated tote!

Or go with an old classic!

Buying food at school can be expensive and unhealthy, however, some campuses are taking steps to offer healthy alternatives. If you have to buy food at school, opt for a sandwich on whole grain bread that’s loaded with fresh veggies and a lean protein (think turkey or chicken). Skip the dressing or fatty spreads, and choose avocado and hummus.

Stay Fit

It can be tough to squeeze in exercise between studying for exams and catching up on readings, but finding time to sweat it out can be very beneficial to your physical and mental well-being! Exercise can help break up the monotony of school and studying, and can help fight off illness and stress. Frustrated with your lab partner? Hit the gym and take out your anger on the treadmill! Studied so much you think you’re going cross-eyed? Take a brisk 15-minute walk around campus to clear your mind.

If your school has a physical education program, keep an eye out for free classes, like yoga or zumba. Phys. Ed. students often host open classes to hone their teaching skills. Most universities give you access to exercise facilities with your tuition, so take full advantage of it! Get in the habit of scheduling time to be active, like Saturday morning gym sessions or evening walks/jogs.

Back to school can be hectic! Sometimes the stress of a heavy schedule can cause our health to be put on the back burner. Staying healthy and well rested will make your semester much more enjoyable. Keep hydrated, fueled, and fit, and you’ll have a semester to remember!

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