Weight Loss: Make Changes That Stick!

Weight is a heavy topic; in a world of fast food and fast approaching deadlines, the pressure to keep lean can be overwhelming. Shedding pounds can lead to unhealthy habits and even disordered eating, all in the name of weight loss. Whether you are trying to get in shape or just wanting to see a lower number on the scale, the key is to move forward with a positive and proactive approach. Fresh Fit Foods offers a solution to weight loss that is as simple as it is effective:

  • Opt for complex carbohydrates for the first two meals of the day to help keep you feeling stable and satiated.
  • Start your morning with a heavier breakfast: incorporate complex carbs like yams with scrambled eggs, spinach, and broccoli, or quinoa and brown rice with porridge. This will give you a stable source of energy throughout the day.
  • Snack smart. Nutrient-packed snacks like chicken and fruit or almond butter and veggies will carry you to your next meal.
  • Choose lean and clean proteins to add to your meals like pork, chicken breast, and eggs. If you’re going meatless, try a mixture of corn and legumes.
  • For dinner, look for a meal that contains mostly veggies and proteins to ease your body into sleep mode.

Simply put, the key to losing weight is in what you use to fuel the machine that is your body. Cramming simple carbohydrates and sugar into your system may offer instant gratification but the roller coaster of blood sugar spikes and drops that results afterwards can have you reaching for the fridge more often than needed.

Weight loss is only as challenging as you view it. Implementing a new healthy lifestyle can be a lot simpler with the proper balance of nutrients, smart planning, and exercise. Book a free consultation with our Nutrition Coaches today by calling us at 587-523-7033 and start reaching your own journey towards weight loss and a healthy lifestyle!

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