Fuelling Your Potential

To avoid poor performance and low energy you must eat! Everyone’s pre-workout routine should include consuming a snack 30-45 minutes before training. Our bodies need sugar to function and without it our workout suffers. When you go to train, the first thing the body burns is glucose. This is why we recommend eating a simple carbohydrate as your pre-workout snack; glucose gives your body the energy to burn during your workout. Less energy and poor results can steal your motivation and make going to the gym less productive and less enjoyable.

The question is what do you eat? Everyone tolerates certain foods differently and some experimentation may be needed to find what works for you. As mentioned, reach for a quick and easy to digest simple carbohydrate. Try to avoid processed foods and don’t overindulge. I personally like to eat a banana or apple slices with peanut butter before I leave for the gym. Other snacks like fruit smoothies, yogurt, and berries are just a couple more examples of good energy boosters. Healthy snacks can give you that boost to take on more intensity and duration in your routine.

Feeling that burst of energy will help propel you toward reaching your fitness goals faster and with more enjoyment. There is no magic pill and good nutritional input has been, and still remains, a key ingredient in fitness success. You are a machine and a machine needs proper, healthy fuel!

- Greg Pollon

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