Fuelling Your Recovery

You have worked hard and completed an intense and challenging work out! You feel satisfied with the effort you put in and are looking forward to enjoying the positive change in your body and fitness level. How can you maximize the fitness payday that follows all that hard work?

An often-missed step in our fitness routine is our post work out nutrition. Your body recovering from exercise without properly timed nutrition is like a brick layer trying to build a brick wall without mortar. The mortar for your body is protein, which is essential in repairing torn down muscle fibers and re placing them with new, stronger ones. So, when and what should you eat?

Post workout recovery begins as soon as you are finished training. The window for that post workout nutritional benefit closes within 2 hours of inactivity. So the answer to when is quite simply the sooner the better, but what to eat is a less straightforward answer. If we eat complete proteins (which include sources like meat, fish, dairy, eggs, quinoa, buckwheat, etc.) we will be providing our body the building blocks it needs to reconstruct itself. When food sources are not readily available, protein shakes are a consideration as a source for your protein needs.

The real end goal of any workout is to make gains. When we work so hard to make these gains and the results are not presenting themselves, the culprit might be a nutritional shortfall. If you are not seeing or feeling that payback, you may need to take a look at your post workout fuelling routine.

- Greg Pollon

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