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21 Day Challenge

21 days of clean, healthy, nutritious meals that are ALSO tasty… welcome to Fresh Fit Foods proprietary offering, the 21 Day Challenge

This challenge offers clients the opportunity to streamline their diet and put healthy, whole food into their body. At Fresh Fit Foods we believe food is fuel, and while it is important to nourish our bodies with wholesome ingredients, it is also important for it to taste awesome while we are doing it.


How many meals and snacks do I receive a day?

You get three wholesome meals and two snacks per day

What is the calorie count of the days and will I be hungry?

Calories range from 1600-1900 calories a day. We pack meals with high quality protein, fibre and starches to ensure you feel nourished and satisfied the entire challenge

Where can I pick up and when?

You can pick up your Fresh Fit Foods 21 Day Challenge at any World Health location. Pick ups are available Monday, Wednesday, Friday after 4 PM

**Hint: if you want your food a little earlier these days, Glenora and Gateway have after 10 AM pick ups

Where are the meals prepared?

We have a local kitchen that prepares and packages all our freshly prepared meals. We cook three times a week to ensure your meals are fresh and waiting for you!

I have a dietary restriction, can I still do the challenge?

YES! The great thing about having a local kitchen is we can tailor challenges to your dietary needs. For special orders please contact Glenora retail at (587) 523-7033

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