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Almond Butter Crunch

Almond butter is our new addiction. Made in house, we pair it with celery and apple slices for a sweet snack.

Almond Coconut Chicken

Ancho BBQ Chicken

Refuel with pulled spiced chicken, black beans, and our famous brown rice pilaf. Delicious! 

The Ancho Chicken Rice Bowl’s base is brown rice. A complex carbohydrate to give your body the energy it needs to get through the afternoon. This will provide a steady release of energy as it takes the body a longer time to breakdown and digest this form of carbohydrate. Pulled chicken is the protein layer to the Ancho Chicken Rice Bowl which is important for helping to build and repair muscles and tissues. It helps slow down how quickly the body digests the meal, and supports keeping you fuller for longer. To polish off this delicious meal, we have a roasted corn and black bean salsa. The fiber in the beans also helps keep you feeling fuller longer, and supports the digestive process.

What is Ancho? The Ancho chili is a dried version of the pablano pepper and is frequently used in Mexican cooking. It has a rich smokey flavor and adds a mild heat to meals. Best served warm.

Andouille Snack

Relax creole style with this premium Cajun sausage, and aged cheddar.s

Apple Crisp Snack

Take a dip in our creamy salted caramel dip, with spiced apple and crunchy granola.

Autumn Lentil & Bean Salad

Breakfast Skillet

Nothing says “good morning” like a little spice! Potato hash, beef chili, eggs, and salsa.

Best served warm.

Chicken Salad Wrap

Chicken Stir Fry

Mix it up with teriyaki chicken and Asian vegetables in this delectable dish.
**Performance meal is placed on a bed of brown rice**

Best served warm.

Cilantro Lime Turkey Bowl

A zesty bowl of lean ground turkey, corn salsa, and lime to perk you up midday.

Best served warm.

Citrus Spiced Smoked Salmon

Quality, natural salmon with delicious citrus notes

Country Style

Savory roasted potatoes and turkey sausages are perfect partners in this filling dish.

Best served warm.

Fired Up Chicken Wrap

Fruit with Salted Caramel Dip

Fresh fruit and creamy dip, it never felt so good to be bad.

Glow Wrap


You will be glowing from the inside out with this plant-based wrap. To celebrate our new partnership with Edmonton-based Glow Juicery, we created this delicious vegetarian wrap that is packed with veggies and our Hummus Tarragon Dijon dressing!  


Homestyle Beef Stew

A rich, hearty bowl of beef and vegetables that tastes just like home cookin’.

Best served warm.

Lifestyle - Apple Chicken Curry

Yellow curry for the discerning eater; aromatic curry with our wild rice and mushroom blend, topped with tart granny smith apples., toasted almonds, while nestled on a bed of spinach.

Apple Chicken Curry

Lifestyle - Beef Yakisoba Bowl

A naughty but nice Japanese style noodle bowl. A classic sauce fired into udon noodles, fresh vegetables, and toasted sesame seeds.



Lifestyle - Butter Chicken

Take a trip to the Middle East with our aromatic curry; Shang Hai baby bok choy, succulent chicken breast chunks, and a nutrient packed bed of cut cabbages and greens.

Lifestyle - Chicken Enchiladas

Images of wild nights in Tijuana fill your dreams as you taste authentic Mexican flavors of caramelized onions and jalapenos work you into a frenzy by tomato and lime. 


Lifestyle - Italian Sausage and Chicken Arabbiatta

This sauce burns to make you live life big. Fiery depths of flavor, creamy parmesan cheese, spolumbo sausage, and juicy all natural chicken breast. Guaranteed to get you fired up!

Italian Sausage and Chicken Arabbiatta


Lifestyle - Red Beef and Broccoli


True to its name this dish is a spitfire. Smooth and spicy sauce, tender pieces of beef, sweet peppers and red onion, all on a bed of steamed mini-broccoli florets to be the “Ace” of nutrition and flavor.

Red Beef and Broccoli

Lifestyle - Ricotta and Spinach Manicotti

Classically inspired Italian pasta rolls, stuffed with fresh spinach, robust sun-dried tomato, ricotta cheese, and sweet yellow bell peppers. Topped with a warm rose sauce, served along green beans, almonds, and micro corn shoots.

Ricotta and Spinach Manicotti

Lifestyle - Supreme Chicken

Only the best cut of chicken used here! Savor our creamy roasted pepper sauce, gently seasoned vegetables, beside our mushroom and wild rice pilaf.

Mediterranean Skillet

Sundried tomatoes, feta cheese, eggs, and potatoes make up this delicious dish.

Best served warm.

Prairie Land Picnic

Make snack time feel like a picnic with cheese, crackers, and fruit.

Protein Boost

Homemade roasted garlic hummus with baby carrots, hard boiled egg and aged cheddar cheese

Ranchland Chili & Yams

Warm up with some chili – Alberta style! Beef, yams, and shredded jack cheese make a hearty, but health-conscious dish.

Best served warm.

Spaghetti Polpetti

Grab lunch by the polpetti, with tender meatballs, and homemade tomato sauce.

Strawberry Cornbread

Homemade cornbread, with house berry compote and grapes

Streetside Burrito

Finally – healthy burritos! Hearty chicken breast, eggs, and corn & black bean salsa make this meal a better choice.

Best served warm.

Thai Peanut Chicken Salad

Finish your day with our Asian-inspired salad, full of chicken, vegetables, and Thai peanut dressing. This low-carb meal will fill you up.

Tomato Pesto Chicken Penne

Tender chucks of all natural chicken in a savoury tomato pesto sauce on whole wheat penne.

Tuna Salad Wrap

Turkey Meatloaf

Just like mom used to make! Served with a side of sweet potato mash.

Best served warm.

Tuscan Chicken Salad

Premium baby green, natural chicken and marinated Mediterranean veggies with a homemade balsamic and herb dressing.