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Fresh Fit Foods recognizes that a huge part of maintaining a healthy body is putting the right stuff into it. We wanted to take the fuss out of eating right and losing weight. We do all the work, you just have to pick it up and dig in. Combine that with an active lifestyle, and you'll see the results you want.

Fresh Fit Foods was founded on the belief that eating right is the key to a healthy lifestyle. It’s a simple concept in theory, but life often gets in the way. We wanted to make healthy eating as easy and convenient as possible. Our delicious and nutritious meal options provide you with the right ingredients to properly fuel your body at an affordable price. At Fresh Fit Foods, you’ll learn proper portion control and healthy eating habits to help shed those unwanted pounds.

Our food is always fresh and never frozen. We pride ourselves on using whole ingredients, full of antioxidants and lean proteins. Whether you’re looking for a complete meal offering or a few meals during the week, Fresh Fit Foods is the better alternative to bland food and fad diets. 


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Seamus Blue, Executive Chef

Real food for real people has been the driving principle for Executive Chef Seamus Blue. His career has spanned the spectrum of the food service industry. Most recently his experience as Owner/Executive Chef for Chef on the Wire - Personal Chef Service has provided the perspective, experience, and skills necessary to drive Fresh Fit Foods forward, bringing nutrition, quality, and service to the front of our client experience.