All Natural

One of the benefits of choosing fresh, healthy foods is never having to worry about any added preservatives. Our hardworking team of talented cooks create meals every day, and we stand by our motto: “fresh, never frozen.” We believe in selecting good-for-you ingredients that are as natural as possible. We avoid added salts, sugars, and preservatives wherever possible.

Most notably, we use natural chicken in our dishes, like our Chicken Penne Alfredo and Chicken Salad Wrap. A lot of chicken found in supermarkets is plumped full of water and preservatives to extend the shelf life and to make the meat appear fuller. This not only amps up the caloric intake, but alters the taste of the meat. That’s why our chicken is preservative and filler free!

With Fresh Fit Foods, you’ll never question what ingredients are in your meals. We provide complete nutritional information and ingredient listings on our website so you can be sure the meal you are choosing is right for you. We always opt for bright, colourful, fresh fruits and vegetables and high quality meats. You can taste the difference!


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