Think ground beef is gross? If it’s lean, think again! We often associate ground beef with unhealthy foods like cheeseburgers, however, lean ground beef is actually a fantastic addition to healthy meal plans; it’s easy to cook and add fresh veggies to! Regular ground beef can contain a high volume of fat, but if it’s lean or extra-lean, you’re eliminating the amount of fat that’s ground in with the meat. Regular ground beef is usually around 30% fat, whereas lean or extra-lean is 10-17% fat. 

Lean beef is an excellent source of protein. If you purchase prepared ground beef (like hamburger patties), be wary of its high sodium and saturated fat content. Lean beef is very rich in B12, zinc, and selenium. Lean ground beef is a great source of iron, and women can have iron deficiencies due to menstrual cycles. Beef is often a protein that people cut back on when trying to eat healthier; however, lean beef can actually help stabilize iron at a healthy level. 

Lean beef is nothing to shy away from! It’s high in protein, low in fat, and tastes great when paired with veggies. Put down the regular beef, and try using lean ground beef in your pasta dishes -- we add it to our delicious Spaghetti Bolognese sauce. You can even add it in with scrambled eggs for breakfast!