Most people think of capers as garnish for bagel and lox, but they’re much more than that! Capers are actually the unripe bud of the caper bush, which is also known as Flinder’s Rose. Capers are super flavorful and can be used in a variety of ways. 

Capers pack a punch - they’re very low in calories and very flavorful. They have a tangy, salty, and sometimes lemony flavor that pairs well with fish, pasta, and meats. They’re high in vitamin A and K, which are good for eyesight and bone health, respectively. Capers are also very high in iron, which helps your body with cell development and daily functions. Some varieties of capers contain high sodium contents, so be wary when purchasing. 

Capers are rarely eaten on their own, so utilize them in salads, pasta dishes, and soups. They’re bursting with flavor, so you’ll find a little goes a long way. We infused capers into our Tuna Andalusia relish, along with olives. It’s a fantastic and heart-healthy topping for any fish, but we also use this relish as a topping for veggies and crackers.