Chicken is an extremely popular choice for healthy meal prep; it tastes great with almost anything and packs a punch with a ton of health benefits. The chicken we purchase at Fresh Fit Foods is different. We are committed to working with suppliers who use only natural chicken. This means that our chicken hasn’t been plumped with fillers like sodium, water, or preservatives. These fillers alter the taste and nutrition of the protein… something we don’t want! So not only is our chicken healthier for you, but it tastes fresher! 

Skinless chicken is high in protein and low in fat; the protein in chicken helps with muscle growth and development. Healthy lean sources of protein have been shown to be great for heart health! This great-tasting, lean protein suppresses homocysteine - an amino acid that can cause cardiovascular disease. Additionally, chicken can boost your metabolism, so it can continue to burn calories to manage a healthy weight.

Chicken is packed full of essential nutrients and tastes delicious for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks! We use chicken in a lot of dishes… from our Breakfast Burritos, which are full of our Adobe pulled chicken, to our super-fresh Chicken Salad dinner. Chicken also makes a great high-protein snack. Try a bit of roasted chicken with some vegetables and a bit of cheese. It’ll keep you feeling full and satisfied until your next meal!