Like celery, cucumbers are mostly water. That doesn’t mean that they don’t pack a nutritional punch! In fact, the benefits don’t stop there… cucumbers can help your skin when applied topically. Skin feeling tight? Sliced cucumbers can help with that, especially around the eyes! 

When eaten, cucumbers can provide you with a ton of vitamin K, C, B1, and potassium. Additionally, cucumbers contain high amounts of silica, which is fantastic for your nails and joints; silica can strengthen connective tissues and promote nail growth. Due to their high water content (a whopping 95%), cucumbers can help keep you hydrated. This high water content is also great for digestion, working alongside the high amounts of dietary fibre.

Cucumbers have a mild taste, making them easily paired with other fruits and vegetables. Celery is perfect for topping and dipping! Try it with hummus or nut butter! If you’re trying to drink more water, add some sliced cucumbers and mint leaves to your water bottle. It’s a deliciously refreshing mix that’ll help you get more water daily.