Do you use any preservatives in your food?
A: No. All of our meals are prepared fresh. We prepare them based on pickup times.

How do I reheat your meals?
A: Meals that need to be heated up can be done so in the microwave. All of our meal are fully cooked! 1-2 minutes in the microwave should do the trick.

Is your food safe for people with allergies?
A: You may beĀ able to customize your meal plan to avoid any food allergies or sensitivities. Our commercial kitchen takes all necessary precautions to avoid cross contamination of ingredients. If your allergy is serious, we recommend talking to a Nutrition Coach, as your meals may come into contact with other allergens.

What's the glycemic index?
A: The glycemic index classifies foods according to how quickly or how high they raise blood sugar levels. We choose foods that are low on the index because they are broken down slowly, gradually releasing glucose and keeping our blood sugar at a normal level.

How long do the meals last?
A: The meals should be eaten between 2-3 days. They can also be stored in the freezer - but FRESH is way better! If you're freezing them, make sure you do it right away.

What is the reFRESH shot?
A: Our reFRESH shot consists of cranberry juice, vitamin B, L- Carnitine and lemon. These ingredients help detoxify the body, improving digestion and increasing energy levels. We recommend it every morning during the Challenge.


How do I purchase meals?
A: You can order online and pick up meals at the location of your choice. You can also visit our Glenora location and choose meals from our fully-stocked fridges.

Where is the food prepared?
A: Our meals are made fresh daily in our local kitchen. We then transport all the meals to the designated pick-up locations.

Where are the stores located?
A: All of our stores are located in World Health locations. You can find them here.