This lovely bulb does more than ward off vampires - it’s a super food! Lots of people like to infuse small doses of garlic into their dishes, as it can be quite potent. However, there are larger health benefits when garlic is eaten raw or in capsule form! Garlic has a lengthy history of being a medicinal aid and as an ingredient in religious practices. 

These cloves have a cholesterol-lowering ability, which is the key to preventing heart attacks and cardiovascular diseases. Taken in certain doses, it even has the ability to stop a cold dead in its tracks! Garlic exerts antimicrobial activity against bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. This antibacterial super-compound is called Allicin, which is an amino acid that reacts with an enzyme - usually when chopped or smashed. 

The next time you chop up and saute some garlic for dinner, remember that you’re not only adding it for flavour, but also for the amazing benefits it has for your body, like lowering your chances of heart attacks, decreasing your risk of colon and stomach cancer, and even fighting off a stubborn cold. Never underestimate the power of garlic again!