Who is on the 21 Day Challenge? We spend 5 minutes with our participants to find out more about who they are and what they do.

Describe your typical day:

Early morning, meetings, sometimes a nap, gym or something social, dinner and then bed. It's out of control!

How would you describe your current fitness regime?

30-45 minutes weights, 20-30 minutes cardio at World Health Glenora. Currently I am slacking though - a good week usually involves 3 - 4 workouts/week.

What is one meal/food that you can't live without?

Fruit and protein!

What are the biggest challenges you experience in trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

Sleep schedule and meeting demands of the day.

What fitness goals are you hoping to achieve by being on the 21 Day Challenge?

Get back to being more active and clean eating. Getting motivated to push myself.


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