How is Greek yogurt different from regular yogurt? Both types start off the same - Greek yogurt is made by removing the lactose, liquid whey, and water from regular yogurt. This is why Greek yogurt is much thicker than the plain version. 

Greek yogurt generally has way more protein than regular yogurt, and when combining that with its thicker consistency, it makes for a filling snack. Foods that have high amounts of protein can help you feel fuller longer, meaning that some Greek yogurt and berries in the morning would be a great addition to your breakfast! Greek yogurt also has high amounts of calcium and probiotics.

If you’re deciding on yogurt, choosing plain Greek yogurt is a smart choice. It’s low calorie, high in calcium and protein, and incredibly filling. It’s also very easy to add into your meal plans! Take a page from our breakfast menu and pair your Greek yogurt with a hearty granola and some mixed berries! Or, add it into your smoothies to thicken them up without amping up the calories.