Some people feel as though olives are an acquired taste, but they should definitely be added into a healthy meal plan! They’re a great supplement to a lot of other foods, and are a fantastic way to add flavour to dishes without spiking your caloric intake! Olives have been around for over 6000 years - in fact, olive oil was actually used to keep hair and skin healthy. Kalamata olives are purple in colour and are named after a city in Greece. 

Kalamata olives are a fantastic source of healthy fats and contain a natural antioxidant that’s great for protecting against harmful toxins. This Mediterranean wonder is also a good source of calcium and vitamins A, C, E, and K -- vitamin K works to keep bones strong! All olives, including Kalamata, have amazing phytonutrient content and a diverse range of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant nutrients.

Olives shouldn’t be thought of as the toppings you pick off your pizza. We paired olives with our Tuna Andalusia -- a fan favourite consisting of sushi-grade tuna, spinach, and brown rice, topped with a hearty serving of our olive and caper relish. Try adding in olives to your next pasta dish, using them as a topping for grilled chicken, or even eating a handful for a heart-healthy and low-calorie snack!