The biggest predictor of what and how much you eat is availability. We live in a convenience-driven world, where it can be difficult to make healthy choices. Fresh Fit Foods recognizes this and wants to cater to convenience, but do it in a healthy way. When faced with endless options at restaurants or grocery stores, we don’t always make the best choices. By following our meal plan, healthy, calorie-controlled meals are readily available for you. We have taken the guesswork and temptations out, leaving you with fresh, delicious meals you can trust. We know dieting can be stressful and difficult, which is why we don't think of ourselves as a typical diet plan. We are the missing link in your weight loss journey. Eat right with Fresh Fit Foods, get active, and you will see the weight loss results you've been looking for.

The Fresh Fit Foods kitchen uses simple, whole ingredients, providing you with the most nutritious meals possible. We never use preservatives and our meals aren’t frozen, ensuring the best quality of nutrition and taste. We specifically choose ingredients that are as close to their natural state as possible (for example, our chicken is contains no fillers or preservatives). Using quality, fresh ingredients are essential for maintaining vitamin and mineral content. Our meals are 90% gluten-free, giving customers who follow a gluten-free diet tons of options.

Typically the less processed a food is, the lower the glycemic index of that food is. Eating foods lower on the glycemic index is important for overall health, especially weight loss, because these foods cause a slow, steady release of blood sugar, providing you with sustained energy levels. When you eat a carbohydrate-containing food, your body releases the hormone insulin, which converts the carbohydrate into stored energy. If the carbohydrate is high on the GI, it will quickly be absorbed by your blood and consequently signal a huge release of insulin to uptake all that blood sugar and store it in your body in order to bring your blood sugar level back to normal. That insulin flood is the “sugar crash” you feel. Although insulin stores that carbohydrate you ate as energy in your liver and muscles, it also stores it as body fat. To sum it up, eating meals low on the glycemic index (like ours), promotes sustained energy levels, and not fat storage.

We provide three smaller portioned meals and two snacks per day with the intent that you are eating regularly. By doing this, you won’t feel the need to give into cravings. Eating smaller portioned meals regularly also helps maintain your blood sugar at a normal level.

Our meals are jam-packed with:

Fresh ingredients are regularly brought to our local kitchen, where our Executive Chef and cooks work to prepare meals (upwards of 1500 a week!). Individual retail meals are made along with all the specific 21 Day Challenge orders. They are then transferred down the road to our retail location and kept in coolers. Customers can pick up a single meal from the retail location, and eat it in store or at home, or pick up a few days’ worth of meals! Customers on the 21 Day Challenge can pick up their individual packages of meals that will be waiting for them in the coolers.