If you're looking to add a little sunshine to your day, head on down to any local produce vendor and grab a lemon -- no sunblock required. Lemons come into their peak between May and August but are available throughout the year. They are the fruit of a small evergreen tree and were originally developed as a cross between limes and citron fruit. Lemons are thought to have originated in China or India and have been cultivated for well over 2,500 years. Eventually it was the crusaders who brought them throughout Europe, and now lemons are getting the attention they deserve globally as an excellent health food. 

The saying should be: "when life gives you lemons, enjoy the health benefits." This citrus fruit is loaded with vitamin C and folate. They promote optimal health and also have antioxidant and antibiotic properties. When suffering from a cold or flu, try steeping lemon in hot water with lemon. This is an excellent way of healing your body -- try adding some ginger for an even more potent home remedy. 

There are many ways you can incorporate lemon into your diet. This citrus fruit is an excellent flavor enhancer and can be added to most dishes to brighten the palate. Lemons can actually be a healthy replacement for people looking to cut back on salt. The juice of a lemon can be used in homemade salad dressings -- just make sure to look for thinner skinned lemons to maximize on juice. Another tip for juicing lemons is to roll them between your palms; this makes it much easier to extract the juice. Lastly, lemons can be added to chicken or fish; wrap it in tinfoil with fresh herbs and veggies for a flavorful and healthy meal.