Lentils are amazing little pods! On their own, they have a very mild taste, but they are excellent at absorbing flavours from other foods and spices. This makes them easily paired with a long list of dishes. Lentils are actually edible seeds, belonging to the legume family. They range from black, red, brown, and yellow lentils to black-eyed peas, kidney beans, and much more. 

Lentils are jam-packed with excellent essential nutrients, like b-vitamins and heart-healthy magnesium and folate. They’re low in fat and incredibly rich in protein and dietary fibre, making them an excellent alternative to meat. Additionally, their high levels of fibre can help lower cholesterol. Lentils also have a high essential, amino acid content. 

We love lentils so much that we make them the star of the dish. Our Chilis (Veggie, Turkey, and Western) are loaded with lentils and spices, making them slightly spicy and totally tasty. We also add lentils like kidney beans to our Ancho Chicken Rice Bowl to give it an added protein boost. There are a ton of ways you can add lentils into your healthy meal plan - start by tossing them into your salads, wraps, and stews, and work your way up to lentil patties and curries!