Who is on the 21 Day Challenge? We spend 5 minutes with our participants to find out more about who they are and what they do.

iann is an Ontario transplant who has been in Alberta almost a decade – so if you ask her… she’s Albertan. She is a mother of 2…cats. She is recently married, a huge Backstreet Boys fan and likes to ski and cycle. Oh ya – and she loves to play you music while you’re at work!
Describe your typical day:

Wake up at 5am. If I’m working out then I will be at the gym for 6am. If not I’m at work early and getting my day started! Work is a jam packed day that usually wraps up around 6pm. After work is always different. In the summer/fall months there is often cycling, sometimes visiting with friends or often cooking dinner with my husband. Bed time is usually 9pm and asleep by 9:30.. REPEAT!

How would you describe your current fitness regime?

My fitness routine is in the process of changing as the seasons change. In the summer months I cycle – riding some pretty long distances. As we transition in to fall and winter the gym will be replacing those rides and I hope to move towards weight training. I’m an early workout girl when going to the gym because if I leave it till after work something will come up and I’ll end up not going 99% of the time!

What is one meal/food that you can't live without?

A coffee in the morning is pretty big. For the 21 days I will be sampling green tea – let’s see how that goes!

What are the biggest challenges you experience in trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

Eating healthy consistently.

What fitness goals are you hoping to achieve by being on the 21 Day Challenge?

I’m hoping to use these 21 days to reset my body in 2 ways – getting back in to a gym routine AND getting my diet on track.


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