Who is on the 21 Day Challenge? We spend 5 minutes with our participants to find out more about who they are and what they do.

Describe your typical day:

My typical day is quite similar to Jabba the Hut's. I wake early, drag my slug like body into work, sit and laugh menacingly for about 3 hours while we do our radio program, waddle home, eat a less than healthy lunch, sit and slowly become one with the couch for most of the afternoon, nap while dreaming about Sarlac pits and bikini clad Princess Leia's, gorge on one gigantic meal for dinner, then slink into bed around 9 o'clock. As you can see there's not a lot of physical activity in there.

How would you describe your current fitness regime?

I would currently describe my fitness regime as "non existent". Aside from an hour and a half casual hockey game once a week in the winter and a slow pitch team that is more concerned about crushing beers than baseballs, I don’t get a lot of moving in. If you looked up sedentary in the dictionary, there’s a good chance my picture might be next to it.

What is one meal/food that you can't live without?

Anyone who doesn’t say pizza is a filthy liar. I could reeling from an enormous Christmas dinner, but if someone put a large pep and cheese in my face, I’m going to crush at least three quarters of that bad boy. I would literally fight my own mother for the last slice in the box. Even competitive eating champ Joey Chesnutt would be in awe of my pizza eating skills.!

What are the biggest challenges you experience in trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

Just as my wonderful wife would say, I’m extraordinary lazy and slightly unmotivated. I mean, I have the perfect schedule for someone looking to get in and stay in shape. I‘m done work early and have plenty of free time, so what do I do with it? Nothing. At. All. It’s actually impressive how well I can talk myself out of getting started at the gym

“Alright, I’m all set for the first day at the gym. Wait a sec, my socks don’t match. Better just put things off till next month!” – Matt DeBeurs

What fitness goals are you hoping to achieve by being on the 21 Day Challenge?

In all seriousness, I use to play several sports very competitively, and I use to be in good shape. And as I got older and quit playing at a high level, I lost all interest in maintaining that healthy lifestyle. I hope that through the 21 Day Challenge I’ll get the push start I need to lose the dad bod weight, and get back on the road to my old playing days. And heck, being able to grate cheese on my abs would be pretty cool too. Dare to dream folks, dare to dream.


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