Did you know that mushrooms aren’t vegetables? They technically aren’t even plants! Mushrooms are classified as fungi, meaning all they need to grow is decaying matter - no roots, seeds, or leaves. Mushrooms have been around since the prehistoric times, when early humans would forage and gather them! 

Mushrooms have a dense, meaty texture, making them an ideal meat replacement. They have a good protein content, and when combined with another veggie (like broccoli), they can form a complete protein! Alongside this, they’re low in sodium, fat, and calories. Mushrooms are a source of vitamin D, which is extremely uncommon for an organic, plant food. They are actually the only plant-based (or fungi-based, if you want to get technical) form of this vitamin! 

As we mentioned above, mushrooms are a great alternative to meat. Have you ever tried a Portobello mushroom burger? They are hearty enough to fill up even the pickiest carnivore, but are way more heart-healthy! Mushrooms are also tasty when mixed with eggs in the morning, or when tossed raw into a spinach salad (which is what we do). Try adding mushrooms to your next pasta sauce; they’ll add a delicious taste and texture.