Are you ready to make a lifestyle change? Fresh Fit Foods is here to help!

With the 21 Day Challenge, you will experience what it feels like to eat healthy, both mentally and physically. The 21 Day Challenge focuses on structuring meals that will support a steady release of energy throughout the day with our healthy meals. With the two different meal plan sizes, you can select which meal plan best fits your health goals.

As you start to prepare for the 21 Day Challenge, it is important to think about how you are going to continue to work towards your health goals as you complete the Challenge. We recognize that it is not always easy to make all the changes you experienced on the Challenge at once, as we know that old habits can start to creep back.

Our Nutrition Coaches are available to support you with the transition back to preparing your own meals through our habit based nutrition coaching program where we will focus on:

  • Nutrition coaching that will help you create healthy habits
  • Focusing on small changes that equal big results  
  • Supportive environment to help you reach your health goals
  • Learn how to eat mindfully

The key to sustainable change, is slow and steady steps that work towards developing new healthy habits. We are here to help you achieve your health goals!

The question is: Do you have an exit strategy for as you complete the 21 Day Challenge?