For a fresh start, look no further than the produce department of your local supermarket; specifically where they keep the fresh herbs, and then focus your attention on oregano. Origanum Vulgare has spade shaped, olive-colored leaves, purple flowers, and is a member of the mint family.  This perennial herb, which also goes by the name wild marjoram, originated in northern Europe and has even found its way into laurels of bride and grooms in Greece. It prefers hot and mildly dry climates but can typically be grown annually in colder climates as an annual. Whether oregano grows year round or just during the warmer months, there are many reasons why you should be adding it to your grocery list year round. 

Herbs are not only a great addition to a diet; they also pack along quite a lot of nutrients, health benefits, and remedies. Oregano has antibacterial properties and is a potent antioxidant. These qualities are extracted and concentrated in oil of oregano, which is often taken when suffering a cold or the flu; just look in the natural remedies section of your pharmacy. In addition to being a herbal remedy, wild marjoram is a source of fiber, vitamin K, manganese, iron, and even has trace amounts of calcium.

Herbs add a lot of flavor to any meal. Oregano has a potent aromatic flavor that can best be described as balsamic, and slightly bitter. Fresh herbs generally are less intensely flavored than dried ones, and fresh herbs should be added near the end cook time rather than the dried herbs that need to be added during the beginning. Try adding fresh oregano to olive oil to infuse the oil with the flavor (this works well with most herbs, so try mixing your favorite variety). A favorite way to enjoy oregano is in soups. Just take any stock, a variety of veggies, chicken breast, brown rice, and fresh oregano. Not only does it smell amazing, fresh homemade soup is packed with health benefits. Additionally you can freeze portions your soup for any sick days that may lie ahead. Oregano is a fantastic meat seasoning, which is why we use it on things like beef and pork -- you’ll love it on our Beef Souvlaki! Oregano adds a Mediterranean taste to meats, especially when paired with basil and thyme.