The secret to elevating a healthy meal to a healthy experience is all in how you spice it. Herbs and spices not only throw in some excitement to the flavor palate but they also come loaded with health benefits. Paprika is a spice made from air-dried or smoke-dried peppers Capiscum Annuum family. The chili peppers most traditionally used are specifically native to Spain, but other peppers used to make Paprika are generally found throughout Africa and Asia as well.  What makes this so versatile is the many different flavors the spice can pick up just by changing variables while producing it. Hot paprika for example contains the seeds and stalks of the peppers, and smoking the peppers creates a more unique earthy tone.

Adding paprika to your diet doesn't just mean you have good taste, it also brings along some pretty powerful benefits to the table. Ground chili pepper helps keep your eye on the prize by aiding sight through carotenoids, and also contain vitamin A, vitamin E, and Iron. Paprika also helps with cellular metabolism and has antioxidants. If that doesn't get your heart pumping, paprika also promotes healthy blood vessel function and is beneficial to circulation. 

Paprika can range from mild to hot and the flavor varies from country to country, but adding it to your meal doesn't have to be random. Paprika adds depth tossed with olive oil and sweet potato and roasted to perfection. For a snack, add paprika to Greek yogurt with lemon zest, chopped parsley, and garlic. This tastes great as a dip for veggies and apple slices, and is a great post workout treat. For breakfast sprinkle some paprika into your scrambled eggs and enjoy with a slice of avocado. Try different kinds of paprika to see which flavor profile suits you best. Customizing your meal is a great way to make health foods more tailored to the unique person you are!