When you think of healthy eating, very rarely do you picture a wheel of cheese. Thanks to parmesan cheese, you can now make that mental image a reality.  Parmesan is a hard dairy product made from cow’s milk, and is typically aged for 12 months to achieve the sharp and nutty flavor. The cheese has been around for centuries, garnering praise as early as 1348, but has only recently been added to many healthy food grocery lists. There’s nothing cheesy about that!


Anybody who is health conscious knows about the rule of moderation, and parmesan cheese is no exception. When utilized to its full potential this flavorful dairy product can actually help you lose weight, and is considered among the best cheeses to add to a weight loss plan.  In addition to slimming the waistline, parmesan also brings protein and calcium support to the table. If you're not having visions of a healthier you just yet, the vitamin A contained in this cheese can also help to improve your eyesight.


Parmesan makes a flavorful addition to most savory meals, especially if you might be facing a potentially bland experience. Steaming veggies doesn't have to mean a sauna of flavorless greens, try sprinkling some dill and parmesan on top of steamed broccoli for a tasty side dish. If you are trying to ignite your passion for salads, parmesan pairs well with almonds on top of mixed greens with balsamic vinegar and olive oil for dressing. We like to use parmesan cheese on our pasta dishes, like our Chicken Penne Alfredo. It’s the perfect finishing touch on a tasty, but healthy, meal. The flavor profile of this cheese is definitely something to be nutty about, but just remember not let the wheel roll over you - a little goes a long way!