Arguably one of the more delicious spreads, peanut butter is tasty and good for your health! This all depends on the type or brand that you purchase. Many brands of peanut butter are loaded with hydrogenated/Trans fats and extra sugars! Many nutritionists recommend purchasing organic versions or those with no added sugar. You can even try your hand at making your own! 

Peanut butter, while a high-calorie food contains a good amount of both fiber and protein - the amino acids in protein are great for rebuilding muscle tissue, which is why so many athletes and gym-goers are peanut butter fans! Additionally, it has a high magnesium content which is good for your bones. Peanut butter is also loaded with heart-healthy monounsaturated fats. 

Most people use peanut butter as a sandwich ingredient, but it has many more delicious uses. For a sweet treat, try it on top of apple slices with a bit of granola. We added peanut butter to our Granola Parfait for a hint of nutty sweetness. It’s a great way to add texture and a bit of protein to your morning.