Peppers are part of the nightshade family, which includes eggplants and potatoes; peppers are considered a nightshade fruit, as they have seeds. Some nightshade plants are unsafe for humans to eat - luckily, peppers aren’t on that list as they boast an impressive range of nutritional benefits. 

Whether they’re yellow, red, or orange, bell peppers have fantastic phytonutrient content, and are high in the antioxidant mineral manganese. They’re low in calories, adding crunch, colour, and taste to meals. Capsaicin which gives peppers their flavour and spice, can reduce LDL cholesterol and aids in reducing inflammation. Bell peppers are also high in vitamin E, which is great for healthy skin and hair! 

There’s a lot that can be done with peppers. They can be made into roasted and pureed, and then turned into soups, spreads, or dips! A lot of people like to grill them along with zucchini and lean cuts of meat for a healthier BBQ. Peppers pair nicely with chicken or seafood, and they’re great for dipping - try them with hummus! We like to dice peppers and add them into our Chilis, pastas, and rice bowls, as they give a nice, fresh crunch and burst of flavour.