Did you know that when you see imitation crab or lobster meat in stores, it’s usually Pollock? This doesn’t mean that Pollock is cheap or unhealthy -- it’s just found in incredible abundance. In fact, Pollock is one of the most consumed seafood in the world. 

Like most fish, Pollock is high in protein and omega 3 fatty acids. It’s also high in vitamin A, which helps with the healthy formation of tissue. Pollock also has high vitamin B12 content; this vitamin is vital for the proper functioning of nerve cells and can help with the creation of new red blood cells. 

Pollock is best when baked, steamed, poached, or grilled. Due to its mild flavor, it pairs nicely with fruit salsa! Try grilling your Pollock and topping it with a combination of papaya or mango with basil, cilantro, or mint. We take a more classic approach to our Pollock, topping it with a light spice and pairing it with our signature quinoa and brown rice pilaf.