Pork is one of most consumed forms of protein in North America, which isn’t surprising, as there is a ton of different ways to eat pork. This meat tends to have a reputation as being unhealthy; however, this is only true for certain cuts of pork. Things like bacon, ham, and fried sausages should be avoided in favor of leaner, less fatty cuts, such as roasted pork loin. 

Pork contains huge amounts of iron, potassium, and of course, protein. This meat is also extremely high in B-vitamins, which help our bodies metabolize food into energy. Additionally, pork is rich in zinc, which is essential for the creation of new cells. 

The most obvious way to add pork into your meal plan is as pork tenderloin. The key is to select lean cuts of meat, and avoid a ton of rich sauces or toppings. Pork pairs well with applesauce, however, make sure to choose a sauce with low sugar content. We like to pair our pork loin with a side of broccoli and quinoa and brown rice pilaf. It’s filling and tasty!