There are a few different types of lettuce: iceberg, butterhead, leaf, and romaine. All have excellent health benefits, but we choose to use romaine lettuce for a couple of different reasons. It has more protein and calcium, and less sugar than other types! 

We love romaine lettuce because it’s low calorie, but it still fills you up. It’s full of fibre, which makes it great for your colon health and an aid for digestion. It’s a low glycemic index food, meaning it’s a good choice for people trying to watch their blood sugar. On top of this, lettuce is full of vitamin C, which prevents the oxidization of cholesterol. 

Lettuce is most commonly used in salads; we put it in our Greek Chicken Salad, Steak Salad, and Thai Peanut Salad. There are a ton of other uses for it though: try using it in place of tortillas or buns! Wrapping your taco, burrito, or burger in lettuce instead of bread is a great way to lower calories.