Omega 3 fatty acids have been all the rage in the nutrition world for a while, and there’s good reason for it! This fatty acid has been shown to help reduce inflammation, increase HDL (“good”) cholesterol, fight heart disease, and help with signs of depression, mood, ADHD, skin problems, asthma, and more. Fat has had a bad reputation for so many years, but it’s known now that the type of fat you consume is important and not ALL fat is bad. Did you know that omega 3 fats are actually an essential fatty acid? This means that our body can’t produce these fats by itself and the only way to get them is through the diet. Salmon is an excellent source of omega 3 fats! 

As Edmontonians, we try to soak up as much sun in the summer until it all comes to an end as winter creeps up on us. With winter comes more time inside and less time for us to get enough “sun vitamin”, or vitamin D. Interestingly enough, salmon happens to be one of the very few foods that you can actually get vitamin D from. Vitamin D is important to keep our bones healthy and our immunity strong. 

You can eat salmon in so many different ways! Baking or grilling isn't the only option. Try salmon burgers instead of beef burgers. If you need a quick, inexpensive option, try adding canned salmon to salads, wraps, or sandwiches. At Fresh Fit Foods, we make getting omega 3 fats painless by offering so many delicious meal options like our Pesto Salmon & Cauli-Smash.  Whether you cook it yourself or not, adding salmon to your diet is an easy way to get your essential fatty acids.