"Before I took the 21 Day Challenge I was eating out of convenience. Whenever I was hungry, I would eat whatever was available and wasn't necessarily paying attention to how much I was eating or if it was good for me. During the Challenge, I was surprised to learn that I was eating way more than I needed to feel full. I learned how to proportion my meals. The way the Challenge was laid out made it so simple. Everything is ready for you... you just heat it up and eat. The food itself was delicious and there was such a variety of meals, so I never got sick or bored of what I was eating. I lost 20 pounds during my first Challenge! The Nutrition Coach was helpful and encouraging. I felt energetic in the mornings and started going to the gym. I felt great! I would recommend Fresh Fit Foods because the food is exceptional and the variety is awesome. You totally forget you're on a diet because it's so easy. It really is a lifestyle change."

-- Troy S.



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