Why is tuna called “the chicken of the sea?” It’s actually an old fishermen’s term, as tuna was discovered to be comparable to chicken due to its mild taste and lightly colored meat. There are several varieties of this heart-healthy fish: Bigeye, Blackfin, Yellowfin, Skipjack, Albacore (which is what we use), and many more. 

It’s no secret that tuna is full of omega 3 fatty acids. These essential fats help maintain a healthy blood pressure and can improve the body’s insulin response. In addition to this, omega 3 fats also have anti-inflammatory health benefits. Tuna is high in potassium, which, like omega 3 fatty acids, can work to control blood pressure levels. 

Tuna is a versatile fish that you should eat more of! It’s mild taste means that it pairs well with a ton of spices and veggies. Try it on its own, as a delicious loin, or make a healthy tuna salad with low-fat mayo and crunchy celery! We have two versions of tuna salad: Tuna Salad Wrap and Tuna Salad Snack, which is delicious with rice crackers.