Weight Loss Winner

Russ lost 11 pounds & Won $2500!

Fresh Fit Foods wanted to reward you for your results & we did. We want to thank all of our 21 Day Challenge participants in our $2500 Weight Loss Challenge - the results of the challenge are in and there were some amazing results!

We are so excited to announce Russ Holdsworth as the winner for our $2,500 Cash Contest! Over the course of the 21 Day Challenge, Russ lost 11.7 lbs, of that 9.9 was Body Fat Mass which means he went down 2% Body Fat! 


Russ - Pre Weight Loss


Russ - Post Weight Loss


What did Russ have to say about the 21 Day Challenge?

"I thought it was a lot of food, the biggest part for me was that I never felt hungry. It was incredible, especially that you do get little treats throughout like the muffin." "I like the whole carbs for breakfast and lunch. I found that I slept better with that." 

"The convenience was great because even when you're busy, you can still stay on track"

What did Eric have to say about the 21 Day Challenge?

"Taught me the importance of eating smaller portions, not having long breaks between meals, and putting effort in meatier breakfasts and lighter dinners." 

"Building discipline about eating better without putting myself in a starving mode."

What did Kristina have to say about the 21 Day Challenge?

"The challenge worked for me as I am a convenience eater. With a busy schedule and a demanding job, I wasn't left with a lot of time or energy for meal prep. I would constantly miss breakfast and be starving by lunch. By that point I would be so hungry that I would grab whatever was quick and convenient, which usually was fast food. 

With the 21 day challenge the food is always accessible! I have gotten back into eating breakfast and avoiding the lunchtime hanger. I do not find myself crashing at any point during the day searching for anything within arms reach that I can eat. 

The food is delicious!! I find myself looking forward to certain meals as I know what's waiting for me in the fridge. I have too many favourites to list but the breakfast burrito, the salads and any of the dinners with the pesto on them are amazing!! (And of course the muffins!!) "

"Besides the weight loss I achieved during my first challenge, Fresh Fit Foods has taught me portion control and self control. The servings seem small but when you eat small meals throughout the day and eat quality food it's eye opening to how much I was overeating without even realizing it. 

Combining this plan with exercise has improved my mood, increased my energy levels and has increased my desire to continue with my weight loss and fitness goals. I have already started my next 21 day challenge as my first one was such a huge success. With the ability to order online and customize my order to my preference, it couldn't be any easier! 

For anyone who is unsure of the program I highly recommend stopping by any World Health Club and purchasing a meal to try.

It's surprising how good healthy food can be."

What did Kim have to say about the 21 Day Challenge?

"I just like the convenience of it, someone else cooks, I get all my food, come to the gym, and go, that’s the beauty of it."

What did Will have to say about the 21 Day Challenge?

"FFF is easy, handy, and healthy, espeically for a busy guy like me, who has no time to eat. It is here and ready for me. I don't have to grocery shop or spend time cooking. It works out to be cheaper because otherwise I am eating out.

Its just a no brainer, period."

What did Julia have to say about the 21 Day Challenge?

"I actually did the challenge twice because it made my life easier, eating healthy is hard, it was delightful. The food is good and I lost weight weight on it."

Disclaimer: Results not guaranteed. Every body is different and will therefore have different results. If you have any questions, please contact us at info@freshfitfoods.ca