Ancho BBQ Chicken


Refuel with pulled spiced chicken, black beans, and our famous brown rice pilaf. Delicious! 

The Ancho Chicken Rice Bowl’s base is brown rice. A complex carbohydrate to give your body the energy it needs to get through the afternoon. This will provide a steady release of energy as it takes the body a longer time to breakdown and digest this form of carbohydrate. Pulled chicken is the protein layer to the Ancho Chicken Rice Bowl which is important for helping to build and repair muscles and tissues. It helps slow down how quickly the body digests the meal, and supports keeping you fuller for longer. To polish off this delicious meal, we have a roasted corn and black bean salsa. The fiber in the beans also helps keep you feeling fuller longer, and supports the digestive process.

What is Ancho? The Ancho chili is a dried version of the pablano pepper and is frequently used in Mexican cooking. It has a rich smokey flavor and adds a mild heat to meals. Best served warm.

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